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Sex work


Luis*e - Beratungsstelle für Prostituierte
Kaiserstraße 172
76133 Karlsruhe


Webseite: www.dw-karlsruhe.de


Monday - Friday  09:00 am - 05:00 pm

additional  availability by telephone:       0159 04068510   Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday

                                                                    0152 24439346   Tuesday Wednesday, Friday

                                                                    0159 04091853   Monday, Tuesday, Thursday

Availability by telephone guaranteed

dates by appointment


The Diakonisches Werk Karlsruhe counselling centre for prostitutes is an unbiased and accepting counselling service for people who offer or offered sexual services for material remuneration, as well as for people who are or were in contact with prostitution.

We advise people on their various questions in order for them to develop their own solutions and make decisions.

We meet people in the place of their choice. This can be at work, at home, in a café or in our office. If necessary, we work together with interpreters. In addition, we mediate and accompany you to offices, authorities, medical and other institutions.

The offer is free and anonymous.