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Sex work


Mitternachtsmission Heilbronn - Beratungsstelle für Prostituierte
Diakonisches Werk Heilbronn
Steinstraße 12
74072 Heilbronn

+49 7131 845 31 for emergency: around the clock, 24 h, also on weekend and holidays


Webseite: www.diakonie-heilbronn.de


Monday - Friday     08:45 am - 5:00 pm

For emergency: around the clock, 24h, also on weekend and holidays


The counselling centre for prostitutes of Mitternachtsmission Heilbronn visits the Heilbronn prostitution milieu, and in the city and district to provide prostitute counselling.

For emergencies, the centre can be reached by phone around the clock. Offer (free and confidential):

  • Social and life counselling, pastoral care and crisis intervention
  • Advice and assistance in leaving prostitution (including possible placement in an apartment as a transition while leaving)
  • Search for work and housing
  • Mediation and cooperation with other specialist agencies (e.g. job centre, doctors, health insurance, lawyers, police authorities)