Coercion, violence and human trafficking


Freija Kehl– Aktiv gegen Menschenhandel
Diakonisches Werk im evangelischen Kirchenbezirk Ortenau
Marktstr. 3
77694 Kehl

Monday  -  Friday       09:00 am - 12:00 am

Monday - Thursday    02:00 pm  - 05:00 pm


guaranteed telephone accessibility via mobile phone

dates by appointment

FreiJa is a specialised counselling centre for victims of trafficking and for women who have experienced violence within the prostitution milieu.

Our advice is confidential and free. Nothing will happen against your will. 

We are a non-governmental organisation working for victims of human trafficking. We advise both affected persons as well as their caregivers and specialists.

What we offer:

  • Information about your rights as a victim
  • Psychosocial support and crisis intervention
  • Help to find safe shelter
  • Assistance in applying for financial aid
  • Assistance with the clarification of legal matters
  • Accompaniment in criminal proceedings
  • Mediation of legal advice and medical emergency care
  • Help with contact with authorities
  • Assistance on return to the home country and 
  • Mediation with relief organisations in the country of origin