Coercion, violence and human trafficking

HILFETELEFON - violence against women

Hilfetelefon Gewalt gegen Frauen
Unterstützung für Frauen
24 hours a day - available rounf the clock
08000 116 016

24 hours  a day - available rounf the clock

65 days a year, free of charge around the clock: The helpline "Violence against Women" offers those affected the opportunity to seek advice anonymously, competently, safely and accessibly at any time. 

Qualified counsellors will be on hand to help those seeking help and, if necessary, provide them with support services on site, such as a women's counselling centre or a women's refuge nearby.

Accessibility and multilingualism ensure access for women with disabilities and low German language skills. The helpline is also available to relatives, friends and professionals for questions and information.

The website also offers online advice. Online consultation is only possible in German.

The phone number of the helpline is 08000 116 016 and can only be reached within Germany.