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Coercion, violence and human trafficking


FreiJa Freiburg– Aktiv gegen Menschenhandel
Schwarzwaldstr. 24
79102 Freiburg


Webseite: www.diakonie-freiburg


Monday - Friday               09:00 am  - 4:30 pm

Phone availability ensures via mobile phone

prior personal appointments possible

FreiJa is a specialised counselling centre for victims of trafficking and for women who have experienced violence within the prostitution milieu.

We provide:

  • Crisis intervention
  • Accommodation in shelters
  • Securing livelihoods
  • Clarification of residence issues
  • Mediation with lawyers
  • Mediation with doctors and psychologists
  • Clarification of prospects and
  • If necessary, the organisation of a secured return to the home country