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Sex work


P.I.N.K. Kehl
Diakonisches Werk - Dienststelle Kehl
Marktstr. 3
77694 Kehl


Webseite: www.pink-baden.de


Monday - Friday   09:00 am - 05:00 pm

Guaranteed telephone accessibility via mobile phone

Dates by appointment

P.I.N.K. is a specialist advice centre for women who are or were involved in the area of prostitution.

The counselling and support offered by P.I.N.K. is broad. It ranges from providing information on tax issues, the major field of health, to support during a professional reorientation.

The aim of our work is to empower women. We point out their rights so that they can assert them.

We work in an accepting and appreciative way.

P.I.N.K. offers the possibility of targeted and individual support for women who are or have been involved in prostitution and are seeking help in various matters.