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Current information regarding corona


Ban on prostitution


  • On 17th March 2020, the Ministry of Baden-Württemberg issued a regulation which continues to be be in force.
  • According to § 4 paragraph 1 of the Corona Regulation, it s currently prohibited to run prostitution facilities, brothels or similar establishments.
  • The ban includes all forms, places and areas of prostitution.
  • This ban applies until further notice.
  • Phone sex and webcam sex are not prohibited.
  • Here you can find the original version of the Corona Regulation.


Justification for the measures

  • These measures are called „protective measures against the spread of the SARS-Cov-2 virus“ and aim at reducing the frequency of interpersonal contact. If fewer people are physically close, the risk of infection can be reduced.
  • The legal basis for these measures is § 28 paragraph 1, clause 1 and 2 of the Protection against Infection Act .


Infringement of the measures: administrative offence

  • You are in breach of the measure if you

     A) run a prostitution facility as its operator.
     B) work as a sex worker

  • A violation of these measures is an administrative offence under paragraph 9 section 6 of the Corona Regulation.
  • The fine is between 500€ (for practicing prostitution) and 5000€ (for running a brothel) and, in case of repetition, up to 25.000€.
  • Here you can find the original version of the fine regulation


Financial support

Corona Emergency Aid

The Corona emergency aid in Baden-Württemberg ended on 31 May 2020.
A follow-up programme is currently being developed by the Ministry.

On the following page you can find more information.

We advise you to contact one of the specialised counselling centres for sex workers.
Here you will find a list of addresses and telephone numbers of specialised counselling centres in Baden-Württemberg that can be of assistance for you.

Corona basic income

Due to the corona pandemic one can also apply for a “corona basic income“, comparable to unemployment benefit II (‘Arbeitslosengeld II’). The application process is considerably easier, faster and is straightforward.

Find more information here.

Consult your local job centre or contact one of the specialised counselling centres for sex workers who will be able to assist you: